Benya Data Centers

The Future of Data Centers

Building up the first hyperscale data center leveraging Egypt's strategic geolocation and market momentum.


Benya Data Centers envisions to become the main regional hyperscale data centers’ provider enabling the landing of International Partners in Africa and the Middle East

We plan to build the first data center of its kind in North Africa , partnering with key players in the domain and focusing on providing data hosting solutions and services with different levels of complexities suiting all customer needs.


Benya Data Centers is an incubated venture with the ambition to become the leading hyperscale data centers operator and solution provider in Africa and the Middle East through ;

Building a cluster of hyperscale data centers in Egypt to serve the growing local and international market demands.

Capitalizing on Egypt’s central location and the fact that the majority of submarine fiber optic cables pass through Egypt providing it with an unmatched advantage.

Supporting the geostrategic plans for transforming Egypt into a digital hub and a leader of the digital transformation in Africa.

Capturing the growing demand for hyperscale data centers in the region thus attracting more FDI into the Egyptian market.”